PM Motor Works also offer our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment service that start from £30 per wheel

PM Motor Works Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is dedicated to the highest quality of service and control to deliver the lowest quotations. This is achieved by investing in the latest technology and time served staff with many years of professional service. You can rest assured that your vehicles wheel repair will be completed by our professional and skilled work force.

We sincerely hope that our services will be of interest to you,and that we can help whatever damage your vehicle may have incurred.

A vehicles alloy wheels are very often one of the first places that wear and tear becomes obvious.

Damage from potholes in the road, scuffs and scratches from a kerb when parking or chips and dents from everyday driving can be easily and quickly restored here at PM Motor Works

Below is an outline of our alloy wheel refurbishment process:

All alloy wheels are inspected for damage
Any kerbing damage is then either filled or machined out (if necessary)
Alloys are then acid etched to provide anti-corrosion properties
They are then primed to prepare the surface for painting
Alloys are then baked in our oven to harden the primer
A top coat of paint is then applied
Following the painting, two coats of clear lacquer are then applied to the front and back of the wheel
Finally the alloy wheels are put back into our oven to fully dry
Once fully dried, the alloy wheels are then ready to refit to the tyres. Please contact our team at PM Motor Works to discuss your alloy wheel refurbishment needs.
We do not deal with badly dented or buckled alloy wheels as these are considered safety related repairs and wheels should be written off and replaced